Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New McCartney on eMusic!

Perhaps the biggest criticism aimed at eMusic is that they don't have many "big name" artists available on their site. Of course, that's not something I concern myself much with as I tend to concentrate on independent power pop artists. Nevertheless, it's still a big deal when a big name shows up on eMu, and there can no bigger name than Sir Paul McCartney. His new release, Memory Almost Full, makes it bow on eMusic today, so here's your chance to legally download it for a fraction of what it would cost on iTunes or elsewhere.

How is it? I've listened a couple of times myself, and like most McCartney solo releases, it tends to be a bit inconsistent. Nevertheless there are a few gems in there, and if you'd rather cherry pick, grab "See Your Sunshine", "Only Mama Knows" and "Vintage Clothes".

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Anonymous said...

inconsistent? fuckin a! listen to it again! this is an amazing cd full of some of the best melodies paul has written in years combined with left-field turns, great production and it ROCKS more than Paul has done in years - how about "Nod your Head?" as an example? It equals "Why dont we do it in the Road" meets "Jet" meets "Live and let die" meets led zep's "Kashmir." and in 1 minute 58! As good as anything Paul has done in the last 30 years.