Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A herd of eMus.

Finally, some serious pop action on eMusic over the last couple of days. This is what's new and notable:

Starter-Through The Morning Sky. This Madrid-based band came out of nowhere last year to place #65 on our top 100 of 2006, and now they're apparently getting US-based distribution. If this one is missing from your collection, remedy that oversight now.

The Chevelles
- several releases. Recently, eMu's added a number of Chevelles titles, including their best-of, Delerium, and the excellent Girl God. This is pure power pop with a capital "P", from Australia's answer to The Lolas (or perhaps that should be the other way around, since the Chevelles have been around longer).

AM-Soul Variations. The latest from this poppy singer-songwriter, whose Troubled Times was a fine release and also available on eMusic. Comes with a special eMusic bonus track.

Luke Temple-Snowbeast. I enjoyed his 2005 release Hold a Match For a Gasoline World, so be sure to at least sample the latest from this singer-songwriter with a keen pop sense.

Milton & The Devil's Party-How Wicked We've Become. Intellectual power pop? The band is comprised of professors of literature at Widener University, and their somewhat esoteric lyrical moments are in service of great Figgs/Elvis Costello/Graham Parker-sounding pop/rock.

Imperial Teen-The Hair the TV the Baby and the Band
. If you could find "indie pop" in the dictionary, this band would be staring you right in the face. Here's their latest.

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