Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Absolute Powerpop Top 15 EPs of 2012.

Let the list-making commence. Today it's the top 15 EPs, tomorrow it's the bottom half of the top 100 full-length list, and Friday will be the top half.

1. John Lefler-Shout Fire
2. Two Sheds Jackson-The Collaboration Series Movement One
3. Sunday Sun-III
4. The Lazy Suns-The Lazy Suns
5. Los Angelfish-Welcome to Los Angelfish
6. Bob Evans-The Double Life
7. Bill DeMain-Extended Stay
8. People on Vacation-The Carry On
9. Blair Gilley-Almost Home
10. Supraluxe-Fuzz
11. The Stanleys-Always
12. The Metal Babies-The Metal Babies
13. The Buzz-Got Me Runnin'
14. Prattle On, Rick-Songs of Our Fathers
15. Johnny Scaramanga-Listen

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Anonymous said...

woo-hooo!! Ler 'er rip!