Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Midweek Roundup.

Keith LuBrant-Who I Am. Jersey power popper Keith LuBrant is back like clockwork with his third album, having last entertained us six years ago with Searching for Signal and releasing his debut album six years before that. Like his first two albums, Who I Am features catchy, no-frills power pop but with a bit more emphasis on the guitar sound this time around. The pulsing rocker "Wide Awake and Alive" comes roaring out of the gate as LuBrant announces his return with a declarative statement about playing music he loves, and "She Always Finds a Way" shows his mastery of the power pop form with crunchy guitars and a sing-along chorus. Elsewhere, "Call Off the Search" recalls vintage Gin Blossoms, the midtempo "Breathe" boasts an easy melody and some fine guitar work, and the agreeable rocker "Stranger in My Skin" nods to the guitar riff of "Baba O'Riley" in its chorus. LuBrant sounds like he's never been away, and he'll probably sound that way when his next album comes out in 2019.

UPDATE: Now available from Kool Kat with a bonus disc.

CD Baby | iTunes | Kool Kat (w/bonus)

Daniel Novick-Devil Down. The debut full-length from NYC singer-songwriter is billed as his "journey from Nashville to Los Angeles to New York, a path filled with love, heartbreak, pain, and redemption" and while it may be that, it's also an extremely agreeable pop record with hooks and melodies galore. The opening title track is Exhibit A for this premise, with a driving beat and an earworm of a chorus. "Pacific Coast Highway" isn't a bad follow-up, a perfect soundtrack for driving around with the top down (or at least the windows open). The moody piano-backed "Safe With Me" brings Steven Mark and Michael Penn to mind, and the minor-key melody of "Reason to Leave" is straight out of the Neil Finn playbook. Overall, Devil Down has proved to be one of my more pleasant pop surprises of the past few months and hopefully yours too.

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Anonymous said...

I agree... I have been playing this non stop since getting it.. I hope this breaks through for Keith.. he deserves more attention.