Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Absolute Powerpop Top Albums of 2013, #51-100

It's time again for the year-end list! One change I've made from previous years is that I'm considering Various Artists (VA) releases for the Top 100. In years past, I had basically ignored them at year's end, but this year there are a couple I feel need to be considered among the year's best and you'll see them when the top half of the list is posted. Here's the bottom half:

51. Sheboygan-Triple Fantasy
52. Third of Never-Downrising
53. Ted Billings-American Bedrooms
54. Tony Scalzo-My Favorite Year
55. Christopher Holland-Corner Green
56. David Brookings-The Maze
57. Skypilot-Distant Days
58. Josh Rouse-The Happiness Waltz
59. The Breakup Society-So Much Unhappiness, So Little Time
60. Dan Miraldi-Devil at Our Heels
61. Kevin Lee & The Kings-Breakout
62. Sean McMorris-Lo & Behold
63. The Grapes of Wrath-High Road
64. Happy Ashtray-Seventy Miles
65. Glenn Case-Throw Money
66. Dave Keener-Slugger
67. Ballard-Bucky
68. Lamar Holley-The Color of Day
69. Travel Lanes-Hey Hey, It's Travel Lanes!
70. Chase Hamblin & The Roustabouts-VAUdeVILLE
71. Magic Eight Ball-Sorry We're Late But We're Worth the Wait
72. The Big Sweet-Bicycle Nights
73. Extra Medium Pony-11868
74. Jimmy LeGuillox-Everything and the Box it Came In
75. Dave Rave & The Governors-Ashtray Makeup
76. The Charlie Watts Riots-A Break in the Weather
77. The Affections-Prologned Adolescence
78. The Castell Brothers-S/T
79. Bleu-To Hell With You
80. Richard X Heyman-X
81. Secret Friend-Time Machine
82. Rob Fetters-Saint Ain't
83. Jeremy Porter & The Tucos-Partner in Crime
84. Tommy Rivers-Cool Slip of Coins
85. Pete Donnelly-Face the Bird
86. Free Energy-Love Sign
87. Radio Days-Get Some Action
88. Sam Page-Breach
89. The Scruffs-Kill! Kill!
90. Michael Davis with Bandages-Real Love
91. Brett Goldsmith-Ordinary Life
92. Straw Dogs-No Dividing Line
93. Parthenon Huxley-Thank You, Bethesda
94. Red Jacket Mine-Someone Else's Cake
95. Liar's Club-Come and Go
96. Brett Newski & The Corruption-Tiny Victories
97. The Bottle Kids-Such a Thrill
98. Late Cambrian-Peach
99. Split Sofa-Coloured Dream
100. Anny Celsi-January


Mario said...

79th position for the last Bleu record is offensive...

...for us powerpop lovers.
It must be placed... the toilet: absolute crap.

MrQwerty said...

I couldn't agree less Chorse. It's a departure for Bleu, but an interest journey into pastures new.Did you really want more of the same?

Mario said...

I am very open to any new musical perspectives but electrodance isn't definitely my hunting ground, to put it mildly. Maybe it's a new journey for Bleu and he is free to go where he wants with his music, possibly next time without using fundraising campaigns among his power pop followers (I didn't join, anyway).
But let me just say that this album has nothing to do with power pop, nor it should be inserted in such a ranking list.