Tuesday, January 01, 2019

The Absolute Powerpop Top 100 Albums of 2018, #1-50.

Happy New Year everyone! Here's the top half of the year-end list:

1. Starbelly-Four
2. Rayland Baxter-Wide Awake
3. Danny Wilkerson-Wilkerson
4. Bill Lloyd-Working the Long Game
5. Nick Piunti-Temporary High
6. Creamer-Creamer
7. Jeff Whalen-Ten More Rock Super Hits
8. Dave Sheinin-First Thing Tomorrow
9. Bird Streets-Bird Streets
10. David Myhr-Lucky Day
11. Jeremy Messersmith-Late Stage Capitalism
12. Painted Doll-Painted Doll
13. Checkpoint Charley-Pomp, Twaddle & Bombast
14. Ken Sharp-Beauty in the Backseat
15. Nick Eng-Nick Eng
16. Valley Lodge-Fog Machine
17. Rob Bonfligio-Trouble Again
18. Adrian Whitehead-Nerd from the Suburbs
19. P. Hux-This is the One
20. Astral Drive-Astral Drive
21. The Late Show-Sha La La
22. The Junior League-Eventually is Now
23. Belle Adair-Tuscumbia
24. Caper Clowns-A Salty Taste to the Lake
25. Jake Shears-Jake Shears
26. The Davenports-Don't Be Mad at Me
27. Dot Dash-Proto Retro
28. Greg Pope-A Few Seconds of Fame
29. Linus of Hollywood-Cabin Life
30. Simon Love-Sincerely S, Love X
31. Sloan-12
32. Tim Jackson-Better Late Than Never
33. Jack Drag-2018
34. Family of the Year-Goodbye Sunshine, Hello Nighttime
35. Two Sheds Jackson-Some Kinda Life
36. Three Hour Tour-You Never Know
37. Caddy-Ten Times Four
38. Cullen Omori-The Diet
39. Knit Delicate-Shelby
40. Aaron Fox & The Reliables-In Transit
41. Darryl Rahn-Making Strangers
42. Rooftop Screamers-Vol. 1
43. Matt Jaffe-Blast Off
44. Streetcar Conductors-The Very Best of Streetcar Conductors
45. Kai Danzberg-Pop-Up Radio
46. Michael Simmons-First Days of Summer
47. Chris Richards & The Subtractions-Peaks and Valleys
48. William Duke-Quatro
49. The Well Wishers-A View from Above
50. Hurry-Every Little Thought


andy said...

nice list! Without question for me, two of the best power pop albums of this decade were Linus's "Cabin Life" and the Linus produced "10 More Rock Super Hits" by Jeff Whalen. So good!

DiggityDawg said...

My 1-2 punch at the top of my Top 10 list of the year were the Jeff Whalen & Dot Dash records. Looking forward to using your list as a guide for other stuff to tear into!

johnnybgoode said...

Thanks for taking the time to do these lists! I always miss a few good treasures.

One overlooked item that would fit in your top 50 is the Astounds' "get alright with." this band includes dean from the Capstan Shafts.


And I agree with the comments above that Jeff Whalen's offering is indeed super.

Steve said...

Missed that one, I’ll have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

The Astounds? Seriously? I just listened to that and it may be the worst thing I've heard all year. Maybe ever.

Ivan said...

Your blog during all these years have been like a lighthouse in a dark coast. Please keep making people happy with your music guide and the love and respect you treat the good music. Feliz Año desde Madrid.

Steve said...

Thank you, Ivan, appreciate the kind words.

Matt Street said...

My name is Matt Street, I have a YouTube channel (Matthew Street) that focuses on power pop, rock and roll, and the Beatles. I am a supporter of a new band out of New York City called The Midnight Callers. They were signed by Jem records last autumn, and their debut album is due out this spring. However, I have been given a few promo kits by the band and since I enjoy your blog very much and love your reviews... I would love to send you a promo kit with a four-song EP. Do you have a business address or other address, where I could send it? Thank you very much. And take care, Matt.

Matt: rubbersoul6568@aol.com