Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Video of the Day.

Here's a long-lost video for Brothers in Stereo's "The Worst Crowd" a great tune from their fine self-titled disc from 2003. For those new to this blog, BiS consists of Andrew & Chris LeDrew, Canadian brothers who also each released mid-decade solo discs reviewed on this site (Andrew's Ladies Lookout will probably find a way into my top 20 of the 2000s). These guys could be the Canadian equivalent of Oasis (Andrew - who sings lead here - kind of looks like a Gallagher), except that they don't snort a lot of coke and endlessly fight with each other (at least not that I'm aware of). Anyway, here's hoping one or both or both together decide to release some new material.

LeDrew update: I just noticed that both of Chris's solo discs are available on Amie Street for the current combined price of $4.31. 1997's Too Commercial is out-of-print and pretty hard to find (I recall snagging a copy off eBay a few years back), and 2006's Stronger Man is quite good too albeit a bit less jangly. Andrew's Ladies Lookout is there for $3.27, a bargain as well.

Oh hell, while I'm on this LeDrew kick tonight, here's a wonderful acoustic version I just found of Andrew performing "In Traffic" on Newfoundland television:

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