Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Top 10 of 2007 (as of 2/27).

OK, here we go with our first best-of list for the new year:

1. Josh Fields-S/T
2. Wiretree-Bouldin
3. Shake Some Action!-S/T
4. Signal Hill Transmission-An Empty Space
5. Keith LuBrant-Searching For Signal
6. The Red Button-She's About to Cross My Mind
7. Buva-All This Humming
8. Peter Baldrachi-Solid Ground
9. Jesse Malin-Glitter In The Gutter
10. Locksley-Don't Make Me Wait

I've discussed all but the Malin on the blog so far, but he's a relatively known quantity; suffice it to say it's the best of his three discs to date.

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Anonymous said...

As we approach the midpoint of the year, I hope you will consider updating your "Top 10 of 2007" list? I'm especially curious to see if the Jeff Murphy and Robert Harrison CD's will break into the top ten?