Thursday, July 30, 2009

Catching up with some familiar faces.

Three artists are out with new albums and they're all known quantities, so I'm just going to say a word or two about them and put up the Lala embeds.

Steven Mark-One Small Room. The common theme here is going to be if you liked the previous album(s), you'll like this one, and it certainly applies to the latest from this singer/songwriter, who shouldn't be confused with Steven Wright-Mark. Mark serves up another helping of his Elliott Smith-meets-Lennon pop, and throws in a cover of "The Logical Song" as well.

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Fooling April-Three. This Philly band (whose first two album were on Kool Kat) is back with their third album, oh-so-cleverly titled Three. It's more of their modern-sounding piano-based pop that will appeal to fans of Jack's Mannequin, Harvey Danger and that Folds guy. It can be downloaded at the Bandcamp site for a price of your choice.

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Philip Vandermost-The Long Path. This California rocker caught the ear of Bruce Brodeen of Not Lame last year with his debut Automatic August, and played one of last year's IPO festivals. Now he's back with a new disc that hit the street this week. RIYL: Coldplay, Crowded House, Guster.

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michelle said...

Recently, I was introduced to Philip Vandermost's music by a good friend of mine. Immediately, I became a HUGE fan. The mixture of classic rock and alternative rock makes this album fresh and the lyrics are amazing! I absolutely love the classic guitar sound in The Long Path and Vandermost is a truly talented singer, songwriter and musician. I highly recommend this album!