Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Roundup.

Michael Harrell-Jericho Blues. After releasing one of 2007's best EPs, Greetings from the Village, Nashville's Michael Harrell is back with Jericho Blues, his debut full-length. The album picks up where the EP left off, with 10 tracks of what might be called the "Nashville power pop sound". "Give Me a Beat" channels Greg Pope and Edmund's Crown, while "Paint by Numbers" is Superdrag-esque. Other highlights include the Beatle-y "Action, Reaction, Dissatisfaction", the rocking "Katherine", and the lovely country-tinged "Tennessee Valentine". Harrell is a real talent, and Jericho Blues is definitely year-end-list material.

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Mathew Street-Plastic Wings. Mathew Street - the road - is legendary in the music world, being the address for Liverpool's Cavern Club, where some guys in the early 1960s were well known for playing when they started out. Mathew Street - the Montreal pop/rocker - is less known but does his namesake street proud with his debut EP Plastic Wings, a collection of four quality Britpop-styled tunes. "Fine Glasses of Wine and Champagne" is one of those grab-your-attention-right-away pop tunes that reminds me some of The Feeling and Kit Ashton, "Because" and "Behind the Glass" are top-drawer power ballads, and the rollicking "Magic Mint" reminds me of Fastball. Now that he's distinguished himself from the famous road, just don't confuse him with Matthew Sweet.

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Jeremy Nail & The Incidents-EP. Another artist from 2007 back with new music is Jeremy Nail, whose Letter was a favorite that year. Unlike Michael Harrell above, who went from EP to CD, Nail has gone from a full-length to an EP, and at only three songs I'd call more of a CD single. But they are three really good tunes, in the same Ryan Adams/Paul Westerberg-hybrid style of the full-length. Have a listen below.

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