Sunday, March 07, 2010

EP of the Day, 3/7/10: Creighton Doane-Pilot Error

Pilot Error is the first new music we've heard from Toronto's Creighton Doane since 2004's Learning More and More About Less and Less, and it's a first-rate slice of power pop and an early contender for 2010's top EP.

Doane will appeal to fans of Butch Walker, Owsley and Jason Falkner with his somewhat "modern" spin on power pop; the driving "I Know" opens the EP with plenty o'guitars, synths, and percussion and manages to insinuate its way into your head. Making a 180 degree turn, the power ballad "Winter" follows and could have been a hit in the 80s, and the bouncy "Change" would have been at home on B.Walker's latest.

Elsewhere, the rocker "Stupider" hammers home the same theme as the title of his previous album ("the more I know/the stupider I am"), and "F the F'in Fs" is a marvelous Bryan Scarey-esque pop concoction with a foul mouth, and "Had Fun" is an excellent catchy ditty, even if you'll find yourself accidentally singing "we had seasons in the sun" when the chorus rolls around. I often close my reviews with bad puns, and this may be the worst: you Doane want to miss out on this one.

You can also head over to his Bandcamp site for a lost track from Learning More and More.

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