Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Michael Behm's "stealth" album.

Right around the time 2008 became 2009, Michael Behm released Saving America, one of the better power pop discs of last year. It got a lot of love in the power pop community, but since that time he's been quietly releasing a new track every month or two and in the process amassed the equivalent of another new disc.

These tracks are quite good, and make for a worthy followup to Saving America. The particular standouts in my book are the rocking "The Remaining Go", and the MOR pop of "You're My Wonderful". Check 'em all out below.

These are all digital-only releases, and can be found at iTunes as well as other digital retailers.

UPDATE: Took out the dead Lala links. Behm took these songs, added a couple more good ones, and released it as the album Eargasm, which can be found at these links:

CD Baby | iTunes

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