Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Absolute Powerpop Top 100 of 2010, #100-51

Hard to believe this is fifth year of Absolute Powerpop, and the fifth year of making this list. I've had the privilege of listening to hundreds of excellent discs, and my iTunes library sits somewhere around 38,000 tracks, about 95% of which is from these five years. For today, here is the bottom half of the list:

100. Wild Bores-We Think Alike
99. The Mike Benign Compulsion-Rollicking Musical
98. Rob Laufer-Excruciating Bliss
97. The Offbeat-In Love Field
96. Miracord-In Water
95. Mark Bacino-Queens English
94. Phil Ayoub-Arrivals & Departures
93. Joe Moralez-If I Could
92. Crowded House-Intriguer
91. Snakehips-Month of Sundays
90. Free Energy-Stuck on Nothing
89. Zombies of the Stratosphere-Ordinary People
88. Picture Day-Wild Aim
87. Miles Kurosky-The Desert of Shallow Effects
86. Magic Kids-Memphis
85. Geoff Smith-That's Gravity
84. True Love-¡Pas Net!
83. Well Wishers-Post Modern Romantic
82. The Figgs-The Man Who Fights Himself
81. The Romeo Flynns-Masque of Anarchy
80. The Bradburys-Don't Pump the Swingset
79. The Bulletproof Vests-Attack!
78. The Tangerines-In Season
77. Scott's Garage-Soul Magnet
76. The Great Affairs-Ricky Took the Wheels.
75. The Young Veins-Take a Vacation!
74. Mick Rhodes-'Til I Am Dust
73. Jackdaw4-The Eternal Struggle for Justice
72. Knit Delicate-Fulton Hill
71. Bleu-Four
70. Matthew Pop-Reinventing the Cosmos
69. The Big Sweet-Shot of Bliss
68. The Sails-A Headful of Stars
67. Eric Miller-Half of Purple
66. Tom Fuller Band-Maristar
65. Ted Lukas & The Misled-Learn How to Fall
64. Teenage Fanclub-Shadows
63. Taylor Locke & The Roughs-Marathon
62. Willie Nile-The Innocent Ones
61. Gavin Guss-Mercury Mine
60. Freedy Johnston-Rain on the City
59. The Silver Seas-Cheateau Revenge
58. Any Version of Me-Wasted Sun
57. Rich McCulley-Starting All Over Again
56. Michael Behm-Eargasm
55. Ike-Tie the Know With All You Got
54. Three Hour Tour-Looking for Tomorrow
53. The 88-The 88
52. Damien Lott-Damien Lott
51. The Passports-Is it True?


Janne said...

Excellent! A lot of stuff I haven't heard yet. I'm looking forward to see the top 50 albums.

leonnoel said...

The Silver Seas only at No59?! Surely some mistake has been made on your list.

Daryll Collins said...

I agree. That Silver Seas album is awesome.