Friday, April 06, 2007

More eMusic goodness.

Lots of great discs have popped up on eMusic in the last several days. First and foremost is The Fags' Light 'Em Up, which was #41 on our Top 100 of 2006. Also available is the their Self-Titled EP, which has a couple of tracks not on Light 'Em Up.

Also notable is the addition of the two releases by Paper Airplane Pilots. Western Automatic Music was #80 on the 2006 top 100 list, and "The Way It Goes" was one of my top 20 songs of the year. Also available is their debut release, The History of Flying.

If you're more inclined toward softer indie pop in the vein of Belle & Sebastian, take a listen to Hop on Pop's As Drawn by Ethan, Age 2, a fine release from a couple of years ago.

And finally, we have Texas' Deathray Davies, an indie pop band that bridges the gap between The Kinks and Guided by Voices. The Day of the Ray and The Return of the Drunken Ventriloquist are worth a listen.


Anonymous said...

and Watershed ain't bad either...same label as The Fags, good to see Idol Records finally joining' the eMusic family!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the emusic update!

Anonymous said...

Hey! This is Todd from Hop On Pop. Thanks for checking out our record and I'm glad that you liked it enough to mention it here.