Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Right on Brother!

Larry at This Is What We Do Now has a great post up extolling the genre of power pop, and he's kind enough to praise this blog by name. My favorite passage is this:
I've heard all the criticisms: The lyrics are vapid, the songs repetitive, there's not enough layer and depth, the music's too happy, etc. Those who don't enjoy it always employ a holier-than-thou "Well it can't be good if it actually has discernible hooks, gets lodged in your head immediately, makes you want to sing along and doesn't drearily plod along for four to six minutes" attitude. Apparently happy music = bad music in the indie world.

I've never listened to music to be challenged or find some sort of deep, hidden meaning. I couldn't give a flying fuck what a band has to say. If I want to be intellectually stimulated I'll pick up a book, watch Jeopardy or do the Times crossword. When it comes to music, all I care about is getting a song stuck in my head and making me want to play it over and over again until I get sick of it.
Amen, brother.

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