Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some more eMu's.

A couple of more discs of interest that have just been added to eMusic:

Fran King's Beautification. This one was #52 on the best of 2006 list (it seems like every week one or two more from the list get added), although going back and reading my original post on the disc I see that it was really a 2005 release and shouldn't have been on it. Oh well, it's the music that matters, not the year, so hop on over and download it.

Also added is the brand new disc from Steven Mark, Racing Grey. For those familiar with his previous releases, Aloneaphobe and Distraction (both of which are also available at eMu), this is more of the same high-quality densely produced Lennonesque pop, albeit with some social commentary in tracks like "Paris Hilton Generation" and "God on High".

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