Friday, April 07, 2006

CD of the Day, 4/7/06: Big Kid-All Kidding Aside

Another quality late 2005 release came from LA's Big Kid, with their sophomore effort All Kidding Aside. Big Kid likes to cite Jellyfish and Jason Falkner as influences, and it's not just idle name-dropping on their part.

After a cute sub 2-minute intro, Big Kid wastes no time getting down to business with nearly perfect "When I Met The Girl". Starting with a piano intro a la Ben Folds, it settles into a great, bouncy melody that compares favorably with the best of Jellyfish. Other highlights include the TSAR/Waltham-influenced "She Won't See Me", the Weezerific "What Can I Do", and I even hear a little Jon Brion on "With a Smile".

The first three I mentioned are streaming at their myspace page, the rest can be sampled at cd baby and the entire album is available at eMusic (handy subscription link at right...heh).


Kurt's Krap said...

These guys just kill! Maybe my favorite of the new Jellyfish inspired power poppers. Their debut is HIGHLY recommended.

Chase Squires said...

Hey, just went to cdbaby and bought it, it flat out rocks .. great stuff, thanks for the suggestion ..

Mick O/Redfishingboat said...

I've been wondering where all the good power pop has gone. Now, I find out it's right here with Big Kid. I haven't met anyone who has been disappointed with this disc. I get comments whenever I spin it. "Who is that? That sounds so good!" etc.