Saturday, April 15, 2006

Weekend Roundup.

Here are a few albums that I've been meaning to give a mention to that aren't strictly "power pop":

Rod Davies is another Aussie, and his 2005 album Turn The TV On has been described as Elvis Costello meets Neil Finn. The album is informed in spots by Davies' views on the Iraq War, but manages not to be preachy. Side note: Davies is the singer on Australia's version of "Dancing With The Stars".

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NYC's Derek James released Stray last summer, and it's pop/rock with a modern feel to it. "Summer" and "Ain't No Thing Is Perfect" are the standouts here. Although I'm not a big fan of Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson, I can see this disc appealing to their fans as well.

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OK Jones' Push/Pull is an Americana-rooted album with the pop sensibility to appeal to our readers here. Think Ryan Adams, The Jayhawks and The Straw Dogs. "Besides Fall In Love" and "Broke and Lonesome" are standouts. Note: the tracks on MySpace can be downloaded as well.

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