Friday, April 28, 2006

Still alive.

But extraordinarily busy lately. And with the UPS man about to deliver one of these to me at any moment, I will be seriously distracted this weekend.

But here are a couple of discs worth your time (and money):

The World Record-Guitars Forever
. Really, really good power pop from Tallboy Records. Sample/stream it here.

The Fire Apes-S/T EP. Released on Kool Kat's own label, this is great 60's inspired power pop. Go to their site, and click on "listen" to sample.


bobbym said...

There actually was a hearing about your new toy in the Senate this past week. It had to do with digital rights. They have a video archive of it at cspan. It's 1.5 hours long.
The reason I know is that Todd R. testified along with others.


Steve said...

Yeah, I actually saw some of that hearing when flipping through the channels Thursday night.

Guess I'll stop taking firmware updates on it if the law changes on them. :)