Saturday, April 08, 2006

Some eMusic finds.

A couple of newly added ones, and an older one brought to our attention make up today's eMusic roundup.

Fielding-Fielding. A pretty good indie pop release that Not Lame featured a couple of months back. Here's their take on it.

The Rocket Summer-Hello Good Friend. Quality piano-based power pop in the vein of Jack's Mannequin, Justin Levinson and more. Not Lame speaks on this one here.

Willy Porter-Willy Porter. Quality singer-songwriter pop from 2002, brought to our attention by Bobby P. He's opened for Tori Amos, The Cranberries, Sting, Jeff Beck and Paul Simon.

Sample away over at eMu.

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bobbym said...

There is some weirdness at eMusic for Willy. If you search on Willy Porter you get 2 entries. But if you go to each one, there are some of the same releases and some different ones. So you have to look at bothe to get the whole picture.
There is a 2005 release as well.

If you like up tempo (like me) I picked from the 2002 self titled:

If Love Were An Airplane
Dirty Movie
All Fall Down
Dandelion On The Minefield
Blue Light

and from the 2005 Dog Eared Dream (from the other Willy Porter):


but there are all pretty good.

I'm still in the early stages of listening, but I got the 'Ooooh, this is good' feeling (that is hardly ever wrong) from Willy.


ps - I'm going to email eMusic and see if they can do some consolidation.