Sunday, June 18, 2006

Some more eMusic recommendations.

All of these have been featured at Not Lame recently, and they're all worth your downloads:

* VA-Big Star Small World. This is the long-shelved (7 years?) Big Star tribute that was finally released last month. Highlights include Wilco's "Thirteen", Gin Blossoms' "Back of a Car", and Whiskeytown (yes, that's how long this has been in the can) with "Give Me Another Chance".

* Romantica-It's Your Weakness That I Want. Bruce at Not Lame was comparing this to a lost Del Amitri album, and I have to concur. Great mid-tempo stuff with a touch of Americana.

* Paul Bellows-Tape Deck Classics. Quote Not Lame: "Bellows will have fans of Bill Lloyd, Brian Jay Cline, Ron Sexsmith and Walter Clevenger excited, providing an excellent musical bridge to tide you over until releases from these artists arrive again. There`s lots of late 80`s Elvis Costello buried in here, as well."

* Epic Hero-Blacking Out The Stars EP. This was produced by Dan Wilson of Semisonic, who has been awfully busy lately (but whatever happened to Semisonic?), and it's quality modern rock.

By the way, my recent lack of posting can be summed up in two words: World Cup.

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Anonymous said...
just trawling back through your older posts and noticed your enthusiasm for david meads fine six track ep whatever you are ep. just thought to mention if you go to the above link you can download(with david's blessing)all the other tracks from when this ep was supposed to be a full album, and then slot them and the ep tracks together and there you go the album as would have been without any reading from phone book listings or any such
mick dillingham