Friday, June 09, 2006


Yeah, I know I've been slacking this week, at least blog-wise (having three small boys and a business to run will sometimes do that). I hadn't mentioned this on the site before, and it's probably old news to many of you, but on Tuesday one of the great power pop albums of all time is being re-released as a 2-CD set ("The Legacy Edition") with unreleased tracks, live versions, alternative versions, the whole shebang. I'm speaking of Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend, and the best price I've seen for it so far is $17.49 at CD Universe. In honor of the re-release, here's the classic video of the title track for your viewing pleasure:

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Anonymous said...

Just taking a wild guess by the track listing, this looks like "Girlfriend" + "Goodfriend". Goodfriend was a radio-station only promo release that was much sought-after back in the day.