Friday, June 09, 2006

Supraluxe on eMusic!

Not sure how this got by me (I usually have the eagle eye in sifting through the new eMusic releases, but in my defense I normally do this shortly after I wake up in the morning), but Supraluxe's debut was added to eMusic this week. I know the free trial has been cut by half to 25 downloads, but this was such a great disc that the 11 downloads you'll use will likely be better than 22 downloads you'd use elsewhere (or maybe 77 downloads, if you're a dog). I know I copped out on the year-to-date rankings the other day, but I'd still pretty much say this is my #1 album for the year. So grab it you're a sub, and become one if you aren't. Of course, if you already have the laminated plastic, you can make your own mp3s.

By the way, the Supraluxe throw pillow (pictured above) makes a great Father's Day gift.

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