Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another eMusic list.

I've now gone back and done a Best of 2004 list on eMusic, so feel free to check it out.


Anonymous said...

hey there steve
just happened upon your brilliant blog! and wanted to say hello and keep it up :) even little ol' me, all the way in malaysia/ melbourne (australia) are paying attention to what you say.


just thought i'd also let you in on some australian secrets...

www.myspace.com/suburbankid- bob evans, who is pretty well known in australia due to his band jebediah.. this guy is brilliant, and definitely fantastic powerpop. he has two albums out under this moniker.

www.myspace.com/joshpyke- also well known in australia, played on our stations quite often. "middle of the hill" is fantastic. he's also a lovely guy!

www.myspace.com/the3basics- if the beatles had kept going they probably would have sounded a little like these guys. beautiful sound. one of their members also has a record out under the moniker gotye www.myspace.com/gotye.. i GUARANTEE you will like his stuff. absolutely mind blowing.

www.myspace.com/thelittlestevies- so young but so talented. two sisters and a guy.. a little "australiana" but i don't think u can listen to "falls on nye" without falling in love with their sound. a bit like the waifs who are also acoustic folk powerpop www.myspace.com/thewaifs.. they are veterans and bloody amazing.

www.myspace.com/missyhiggins- HUGE in australia, number one record. but really she's just an amazing singer songwriter which a unique style. "sound of white" is available in the states i think.

www.myspace.com/theraylenes- inspired by belle and sebastian, so generally quirky pop but perhaps you're into that? hehe.

www.thetriangles.net- crazy power pop people who use all kinds of bizarre instruments & frequently decorate their stage with fruits and veggies. also enjoy handing out home baked cookies and slice for us. have a record out too "magic johnson"! makes you wanna clap your hands :)

www.myspace.com/littlebirdyrock- little birdy are quite big in australia having put out "big big love" and getting heaps of airplay last year. i think katy steele has one of the most interesting voices!

www.myspace.com/thesleepyjackson- been around for a while and have a cult following.. all technically brilliant musicians on their own.

ok enough from me.. i didn't mean it to get so long. i hope you enjoy listening to some of these and lend them your support- as i know people take what you suggest very seriously!

xo miin
www.myspace.com/miinzeng (music)
www.myspace.com/transitorystate (personal)

Anonymous said...

forgot to include an amazing pop band.. stardust five. www.myspace.com/stardustfive consisting of the legendary paul kelly, his nephew dan kelly, the luscombes (brilliant musicians). saw them live and WOW. you won't wanna miss out.
xo miin

Steve said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Miin. Bob Evans' Suburban Songbook is a great disc, and I've been waiting to see if it gets picked up outside Australia for distribution before giving it a full review. I'll be checking out the others.

Anonymous said...

no problemo dude.
it was about time i got back into some good quality pop! emo gets to your head.. :P
have fun with the aussie pop people and can't wait to see a post heralding their greatness!! hehe
xo miin