Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Video of the day

The conceptual video for ELO's "Hold On Tight". You'll notice Jeff Lynne's hair is about as short as it ever was. Getting a haircut alone set back the release of 1981's Time by about three months.


Howard said...

Oh, man. I suddenly want to become a coffee achiever!

I love ELO and Jeff Lynne. He's been a big musical hero of mine for many, many years.

Have you heard of LEO yet?

Steve said...

Yes I have. Looking forward to the CD release.

Howard said...

Well, duh! I READ that post! I think you are the one that brought them to my attention. Sorry 'bout that.

I only was thinking about them again because they posted some new tracks to the MySpace page.

Steve said...

Well actually you did bring the two new tracks to my attention; I hadn't seen that they updated again. Thanks! :)