Sunday, July 15, 2007

David Grahame update.

When we last left David Grahame, he was selling his new tracks at $2 a pop from his website, a business model that caused some fair controversy on the Audities list and led to a lot of skepticism from those who would otherwise buy (including myself).

I'm happy to report now that not only is he no longer charging $2/song, he's made all the tracks, along with outtakes from DT & The Disagreeables and Supergenius, available in a 6-song EP CD-R for $5.99 ($7.49 after shipping), so now, a la Jim Cramer, I can put in a "buy" recommendation on this.



Anonymous said...

david g's tracks are not worth a penny or cost of mailing....i had the horrific experience of listening to one of his songs on the musak tracks at CVS the the other day...........

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:

The jerk store called, and they're running out of you.


Fast Jimmy said...

no his tracks are not worth a penny, or cost of mailing... they are much more valuable.

Davids song get better and better with every listen,
and his songs are like a wet canvas....always moving.

So I say to anonymous...go listen to your Jonas Brothers records, and ride that elevator a little higher,
it will fall soon enough.