Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Top 50 of 2007 (as of July 8)

OK, here's the long-promised, days-in-the-making Top 50 list of 2007. There are a few late 2006 releases on there (Baldrachi, Buva, Ed James, to name a few), which I'm counting for this year, and there are some brand new ones out that aren't on the list but which I've taken an initial shine to. I will say that it was difficult to compile the list because while there have been a number of very, very good releases, only a handful have truly jumped out at me, making, say #s 5-25 somewhat arbitrary.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the list (along with a bonus top 5 EP list at the end):

The Top 50 of 2007 (through July 8)

1. Josh Fields-Josh Fields
2. Wiretree-Bouldin (now on CD Baby)
3. Additional Moog-Thirty-Three & a Third
4. Keith LuBrant-Searching For Signal
5. Shake Some Action!-S/T
6. Mika-Life In Cartoon Motion
7. Romantica-America
8. The Red Button-She's About to Cross My Mind
9. Signal Hill Transmission-An Empty Space
10. Steve Bertrand-Pain Is a Megaphone
11. Grand Atlantic-This Is Grand Atlantic
12. Adam Miner-Dangerous Eyes
13. The Well Wishers-How I Won The War
14. Buva-All This Humming
15. The Fizzies-Contest Popularity
16. Jason Isbell-Sirens of the Ditch
17. Locksley-Don't Make Me Wait
18. The Sunday Drivers-Tiny Telephone
19. Icecream Hands-The Good China
20. Peter Baldrachi-S/T
21. Everybody Else-S/T
22. John Hoskinson-Pancho Fantastico
23. Mandrew-The Wonderful World of Mandrew
24. Jesse Malin-Glitter In The Gutter
25. Duane Dolieslager-The Opposite of Optimist
26. John Krueger-Later
27. Storyhill-S/T
28. Zombies of the Stratosphere-The Well-Mannered Look
29. Crowded House-Time on Earth
30. Burning Daylight-Whiskey & Romances
31. Class Three Overbite-Rendezvous
32. The Vinyl Skyway-On Telegraph Hill
33. The Broken West-I Can't Go On, I'll Go On
34. Mitch Easter-Dynamico
35. The Sheers-Goodbye World
36. Future Clouds and Radar-S/T
37. The Primary 5-Go!
38. Holmes-Stop Go
39. Travis-The Boy With No Name
40. Maple Mars-Beautiful Mess
41. The Stereotypes-4
42. Arthur Yoria-Handshake Smiles
43. Ed James-In The 21st Century
44. The Tangerines-S/T
45. Limbeck-S/T
46. The Procession-Musique Magnifique
47. Simon Morel-Record #2
48. Johnny Lloyd Rollins-Let's Be Poor Together
49. OK Jones-Elephantoms
50. Devlin Murphy-My First

Top 5 EPs of 2007

1. The Holy Fields-S/T
2. Daniel Wylie-Let's Go Surfing
3. Adam Merrin-Have One
4. Jason Collett-Prodigals
5. The Brides of Obscurity-Extended Play


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list...I didn't even know the Icecream hands had a new album out. Is it an import? Any US online retailers carrying it?

Ed Lorro said...

Great list !!
But it's really missing the last SILVERCHAIR cd : "Young modern". Get it, it's an awesome masterpiece ! My n°1 for 2007 so far.

Anonymous said...

The Red Button record is by far the best pop record not just of this year, but of the last 10 or 20. Listen to it. A-rated songwriting, singing, production -- a very high quality record. No wonder, it's always compared -- seriously -- to a Beatles record. Of course, no one are The Beatles. BUT, in these non-meloidc days, if bands do a song with a "C" chord followed by an "A minor", they are called "Beatlesesque". Proof that the critics have become as insipid as the "artists" they cover! That's what makes The Red Button almost a shocking record in its classiness and quality. They say in life it's good to be thankful for the little things: I'm thankful that "She's About to Cross My Mind" got made.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great list - there are a few there that I will have to check out. Loving that Grand Atlantic album, I find it surprising to imagine an Australian band conjuring that sort of magic up, I guess. Silverchair are just detestable. The FOW album is growing on me though, having at first thought it of lesser quality than the last two. Anyhow, keep up the great work, we count on you to show us the way to great powerpop...

Anonymous said...

Great list! I believe the Vinyl Skyway album is called "From Telegraph Hill" (not On Telegraph Hill). This is an amazing album and if it isn't the best album I've heard this year, it's in my top five.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above that Red Button is on all top ten lists. Where is Jackdaw4 and Sloan?

Anonymous said...

saw your review of Frank Ciampi Big Top Woman - got the CD - loved it - why not top 50? think it could have been top 10.