Sunday, July 01, 2007

A few more eMus.

Added this weekend at eMu (with CD Baby links for those who prefer something more tangible):

Rick Altizer has always been a Christian power popper; aside from his work in Dum Dog Run, most of his solo CDs have had tunes of faith sprinkled in among the "secular" tracks. Now, with Scripture Memory, he's gone fully devotional. This may not be for everyone, of course, but the power pop is still there. (CD Baby)

The latest from The Singles, Start Again, has finally made its way onto the service. Meat and potatoes power pop/garage, you know you want it. (CD Baby)

Canadian power poppers Two Hours Traffic are out with Little Jabs, their second disc, and it's quite good, at least what I've heard so far. (CD Baby)

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Chase Squires said...

Hey, they were supposed to have a cd release party last weekend, but "artwork" issues held up the release, still, if you want to check out what's becoming a huge powerpop/pop scene growing in Denver, check out The Heyday,

I guarantee it will have you hooked ... a great turnout for their gigs, and I wouldn't be surpised to see them kick free in the next 8 months ... just passing it on,