Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Foreign Films (among others) added on eMusic!

Eagle-eyed reader Al M. has alerted me to the fact that The Foreign Films' Distant Star is now on eMusic. It's a contender for the year-end top spot, and normally I don't advocate using up 22 of your monthly downloads on a single disc, but I'm making an exception here. He also pointed out that Robo Sapiens, the new disc from Roger Joseph Manning Jr's electronic project, Malibu, is on there as well.

Not to mention a couple I managed to find by myself: The Resonars' Nonetheless Blue, a fine psych/jangle pop disc that has been on the front page of Not Lame for weeks, and the Michael Harrell EP, Greetings From The Village, that I featured last month.

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Howard said...

Bill Majoros wrote me back recently to thank me for the review I wrote. Quite the cool guy. So when are you going to be asking for reader Top 10? So far Foreign Films, Andrew Bird and Of Montreal seem to be fighting for my Top 3 spots.