Monday, November 26, 2007

(Free) CD of the Day, 11/26/07: Adam Miner-Playing House

Now here's something that's cool on many levels. Earlier this year, Adam Miner put out a great disc, Dangerous Eyes, which I unfortunately gave the shortest and quickest "CD of the Day" review (it deserved a bit more ink). That certainly would be accomplishment enough for any artist. But no - Miner has recorded another disc, one he was working on before and after Dangerous Eyes, and as an early Christmas present he's giving it to the world for free.

And while normally you get what you pay for, Playing House is not a bunch of leftovers or tracks that aren't worth shelling out for - it's a cohesive, high-quality disc of its own. As his press release states, Playing House is "his Sgt. Pepper-sized solo record in homage to the most influential rock band of all time" and "stays faithful to the psychedelic spirit that producer George Martin and the Fab Four invoked during that golden age of pop." In contrast to Dangerous Eyes, which had a real production sheen about it, Playing House is more homespun sounding. Which is not to say low-fi, just a bit warmer and laid-back. There are a number of highlights - "I Myself and Me", which has a bit of an "Obi-La Di, Ob-la-da" beat on the chorus; the largely acoustic "Honie Please", which calls "Blackbird" to mind; the "Penny Lane"-ish "Pinery Park", "Ogdred Weary" which sounds like a McCartney White Album outtake, and the rocking "Get In My Space".

Best of all, it's free for download from his official site. Make sure you also get the Sgt. Pepper-like cover artwork, where you can have fun picking out the 21st century celeb photos he's assembled.

And if for some reason you're not familiar with Dangerous Eyes, I'd say you owe to him to check it out if you enjoy this free release: MySpace | CD Baby

Thanks, Adam.

NOTE: It appears that the first track may cut off at 39 seconds. I'm waiting an email response back to see if that's intentional or not.

UPDATE: It's been fixed. And it's a quality track as well.


Anonymous said...

The link to adam miners website does not work

Steve said...

The link is correct - it looks like his site is down or being hammered at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hello from France, like another reader said it seems that the link (or another problem)does not work.
Steve if you have downloaded the disc and because it's free can you upload it on Rapidshare for instance if not post 2 or 3 songs by Adam Miner to give a taste for the disc. Thanks in advance.

Steve said...

The link in my post gives a 404 error when the site is being hammered or otherwise down, but works when you can get through to the site. Just type in "" to see if you can access the site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve you're alright all is well when i go directly to the Adam Miner site. Again thanks for your post.

z3d said...

if you're still having problems, try the link without the "www.", i.e.

Anonymous said...

it's still not working for me. Anyone who has it interested in posting it somewhere else?