Thursday, November 01, 2007

What's playing at AbPow 11/1/07

Last 10 on the iPod:

"Big Kids Wanna Rock"-Myracle Brah, Can You Hear The Myracle Brah?
"Honore"-Dick Prall, Weightless. (Fine singer-songwriter out of Chicago; ex-Toad The Wet Sprocket frontman Glen Phillips joins him on a couple of tracks) MySpace
"Coward of the Conscience"-Milton & The Devil's Party, How Wicked We've Become
"Addy Will Know"-SNMNMNM, Crawl Inside Your Head (enjoyable indie pop band that's been around a while) CD Baby
"England's Green"-Steve Robinson, Away For The Day. CD Baby
"Ramon Finds Waterfalls"-Cotton Mather, The Big Picture
"All The Love In The World"-Stockton, Euphonia
"Time's a Killer"-Sleepykid, Monday Morning Smile. Kool Kat
"All She Wanted"-Jamie Hoover & Bill Lloyd, Paparazzi (great 2004 release from these two pop luminaries, get it if you missed it)
"We've Become Ghosts"-The Foreign Films, Distant Star


Rinjo Njori said...

Why don't you just do chart...

MrQwerty said...

I agree - a very useful service. Take heed Mr Pop!