Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Alpacas are Orgling on eMusic.

The LEO disc, which hits the street today, is also on eMusic as of this morning, along with an extra bonus track ("Money & Music").


Howard said...

I hope to find mine in the mail box when I get home.

Anonymous said...

Spectacular album - might be one of the best of the year.

If anyone else who reads this blog has heard "Alpacas Orgling" and can recommend any other bands besides the usual suspects (Bleu, Jellyfish, Checkpoint Charley, Candy Butchers, the Argument) that make music in this vein, it'd be greatly appreciated.

I try a lot of new music, but it's rare that something comes along that sticks this immediately. Love it.

Seattle Powerpop said...


Give a listen to Tiny Volcano out of the Pacific Northwest. Their record came out 3 years ago, but it's really good and in a similiar vein.

Seattle Powerpop said...

Oh, and try The Scheme, out of Seattle (and formerly Boston), as well.

Full disclosure alert: I play bass in The Scheme. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Seattle! I'll check out your band ASAP. Would love to hear any other recommendations.

Anonymous said...

I have to add a ditto on this comment. The LEO record is outrageously great.