Friday, October 13, 2006

"New" Mike Viola & Candy Butchers at Not Lame.

Two new Mike Viola-related releases are being featured over at Not Lame for pre-order. One is "Making Up Time", a collection of ten unreleased Candy Butchers tracks, and the other is a CD release of Viola's "Just Before Dark", an acoustic live gig that was released only on vinyl last year.

Both discs are streaming in their entirety, so head on over and listen. Personally, I can take or leave the acoustic disc, but the Candy Butchers disc really sounds good.

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Howard said...

Just Before Dark is outstanding. I ordered it from Mike's website and got a vinyl copy of it as well which was unexpected.

...or it could be that I read it wrong and ordered a vinyl copy and received a plain CD copy just in case there wasn't a turntable hanging around.