Friday, October 13, 2006

Video of the Day: Sloan-The Rest of My Life

While I continue to try to digest the 30 tracks on their brand new release Never Hear The End of It (in random rotation on my ipod, nothing has really jumped out at me yet), here's a video for "The Rest of My Life", the standout track from their previous release, 2003's Action Pact:

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Anonymous said...

It's not really an album of singles. The pre-release hype was on the money; it is an Abbey Road side 2 type thing, with a lot of cool, short snippets. My favorites are "Flying High Again", "Who Taught You To Live Like That", "Before the End of the Race", "Ill Placed Trust." Overall, Chris' tracks on this record are pretty lackluster, although "Fading Into Obscurity" was way better when I saw them live in Vancouver. A very good record overall. They played an amazing amount of it live. A great move for a band that could coast on its hits, but is determinied to move forward.