Wednesday, October 03, 2007

eMusic update.

With yesterday's massive bloc of additions (1067 albums), there were bound to be a few of interest and here they are:

Greg Summerlin-All Done In Good Time. His followup to 2005's Young Meteors, kind of an indie rock/britpop hybrid.

The Trolleyvox-Your Secret Safe/Luzerne. A disc-set, the first one electric and the second acoustic. I think Foo Fighters got there first, but if you enjoyed their previous stuff, you'll like this one.

The 1900s-Cold & Kind
. Kool Kat's Baron Saturday says "This, their first full-length, really lets them spread their wings and impressively showcase a range of styles, including Americana, chamber pop and dreamy singer-songwriter wistfulness".

John Fogerty-Revival. Billed as a return to his CCR sound, and there's even a track called "Creedence Song".

The Green Pajamas-Box of Secrets: Northern Gothic 2. An excellent effort from the PJ's, been listening to this one for about a month now. Psych-pop at its best.

The Incredible Casuals-World Championship Songs 1980-2007. As you might have guessed from the title, this is a best-of collection for this veteran Cape Cod band that's an offshoot of NRBQ. Pub-rock with a sense of humor. Only downside here is that it's 24 tracks, a good chunk of a monthly eMu allotment.

Peter Kearns-No Such Thing as Time. This New Zealand producer gets on the other side of the mixing board with his first solo release, and it's high quality singer-songwriter pop with a Beatlesque flair.

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