Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Absolute Powerpop Top Songs of 2008 - Part 6

Happy New Year to all, and someone commented in one of the previous top songs threads that he could only hear about 20 seconds of each track. Anyone else having this problem?

UPDATE: According to the commenter below, the Lala embeds only work in full song mode if you're in the USA. Apologies to my overseas readers; if anyone's aware of an equivalent I can use that works overseas, please let me know.


MrQwerty said...

Hi - I was that someone that complained about the 20 second burst from your LaLa source. It's a shame because I can see you've put in a lot of work to give us these tasters, but it isn't working for much of your audience. Again, as with so many other corporate nonsense on the web, unless you live in the good old USA you can go and stuff yourself. Lala is available only to Americans!

Don't you sometimes yearn for the days before the big money and the corporates stuck their big size 13's in our face with their territories, ownerships and restirctions?

Anonymous said...

I bought this Jim Boggia song based upon the 20 second clip in question.