Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The David Bash lists, part 2.

As promised, here are the remainder of the year-end lists from International Pop Overthrow's David Bash:

II. Top Reissue of Recent Vintage

Richard Snow-Tuesday Music (SideB)

III. Top 5 EPs

1. The Avenues-Love, Life & The Giant Leap (Self-Released)
2. Stonecake-Always In My Mind (Self-Released)
3. Marykate O’Neil-mkULTRA (Self-Released)
4. The Simple Carnival-Me And My Arrow EP (Sundrift)
5. The Bobbleheads-Two Guitars, Open Fire (Poppop)

IV. Top 5 Compilations-Single Artists

1. Ross-A Collection For Enemies And Friends 1992-2002 (Perdicion)
2. The Gripweeds-Infinite Soul: The Best Of The Gripweeds (Wicked Cool)
3. Phamous Phaces-All Bashed Up: A Birthday Tribute To David Bash & The IPO Festival (Bink!)
4. Los Shambles-Desde Ayer (Blindspot)
5. The Eels-Meet The Eels: Essential Eels Vol. 1 1996-2006 (Geffen)

V. Top Compilation-Various Artists

International Pop Overthrow Vol. 11 (Not Lame)

VI. Top Covers Disc

The Shambles-20 Explosive Hits

VII. Top Tribute Disc-Various Artists

Beautiful People: The Songs Of The Posies Revisited (Burning Sky)

VII. Biggest Disappointment

Brian Wilson-That Lucky Old Sun (Capitol)

Reissue Categories

There are still some reissues I haven't heard which would probably make the list, but there's only so much time and $$ - ok, mainly $$; I'll always somehow find the time.

I. Top 50 Proper Reissue Albums

1. Love-Forever Changes: Collector’s Edition (Rhino)
2. R.E.M.-Murmur: Deluxe Edition (Universal)
3. The Zombies-Odessey and Oracle: Anniversary Edition (Repertoire)
4. Dennis Wilson-Pacific Ocean Blue (Legacy)
5. The Searchers-Love’s Melodies (Wounded Bird)
6. Buster-Buster (Airmail)
7. The Spongtones-Beat Music (Air Mail)
8. The Millennium-Begin (Sundazed)
9. The Rollers-Elevator (7T’s)
10. Five Man Electrical Band-Half Past Midnight: The Staccatos and Beyond (Now Sounds)
11. Nick Lowe-Jesus Of Cool (Yep Roc)
12. Squeeze-Argybargy: Deluxe Edition (Universal)
13. Wednesday Week-What We Had (Noble Rot)
14. City Boy-Young Men Gone West (Renaissance)
15. City Boy-Book Early (Renaissance)
16. The Tuneful Trolley-Island In The Sky (Now Sounds)
17. Blue Ash-No More, No Less (Collector’s Choice)
18. Clovis Roblaine-The Clovis Roblaine Story (No Sweat)
19. Cat Stevens-Teaser And The Firecat (Deluxe Edition) (Universal)
20. Buster-Buster 2 (Airmail)
21. The Move-Looking On (Deluxe Expanded Edition) (Salvo)
22. Paul & Barry Ryan-Two Of A Kind (Rev-ola)
23. Squeeze-Sweets From A Stranger (Universal)
24. The Wind-Where It’s At With The Wind (Vinyl Countdown)
25. Elvis Costello and The Attractions-This Year’s Model (Deluxe Edition) (Universal)
26. The La’s-The La’s (Deluxe Edition) (Universal)
27. Sagittarius-The Blue Marble (Sundazed)
28. The Yardbirds-Roger The Engineer/Over Under Sideways Down (Repertoire)
29. Anthony Phillips-Wise After The Event (Voiceprint)
30. The Searchers-The Searchers (Wounded Bird)
31. Strawbs-Strawbs (Universal)
32. Buzzcocks-A Different Kind Of Tension (Special Edition) (EMI)
33. The Hollies-Hollies (EMI)
34. The Ian Mitchell Band-Suddenly You Love Me (Airmail)
35. The Magic Lanterns-Shame Shame (Airmail)
36. The Peppermint Rainbow-Will You Be Staying After Sunday (Rev-ola)
37. Wendy & Bonnie-Genesis (Sundazed)
38. Love Sculpture-Forms And Feelings (Esoteric)
39. Kristine Sparkle-Devil Woman (RPM)
40. The Walker Brothers-Images (RPM)
41. Cat Stevens-Tea For The Tillerman (Deluxe Edition) (Universal)
42. Brotherhood Of Man-United We Stand (RPM)
43. Kathe Green-Run The Length Of Your Wildness (Rev-ola)
44. Elton John-Elton John: Deluxe Edition (Universal)
45. Matthew’s Southern Comfort-Later That Same Year (BGO)
46. Alice Cooper-Pretties For You (Rhino)
47. Laura Nyro-More Than A New Discovery (Rev-ola)
48. Tina Mason-Tina Mason Is Something Wonderful (Now Sounds)
49. Free-Fire And Water (Deluxe Edition) (Universal)
50. Honeybus-Story (Rev-ola)

II. Top 5 Two-Fers (and Four-Fers): Proper Albums

1. Flo & Eddie-The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie/Flo & Eddie (FloEdCo)
2. The Lemon Pipers-Love Beads And Meditation: Green Tambourine/Jungle Marmalade (Rev-ola)
3. The Osmonds-Crazy Horses/The Plan (7T’s)
4. Michael Guthrie Band-Direct Hits/Banned In America (Self-Released)
5. The Impressions-This Is My Country/The Young Mod’s Forgotten Story (American Beat)

III. Top 10 Compilations, Single Artist

1. The Parade-Sunshine Girl: The Complete Recordings (Now Sounds)
2. Colours-Love Heals: The Complete Recordings (Now Sounds)
3. Tommy James and The Shondells-40 Years: The Complete Singles Collection 1966-2006 (Rhino)
4. The Spongetones-Always Carry On: The Best Of The Spongetones 1980-2005 (Loaded Goat)
5. The Blue Things-Let The Blue Things Blow Your Mind (Cicadelic)
6. The Mojo Men-Not Too Old To Start Cryin’: The Lost 1966 Masters (Big Beat)
7. West Coast Consortium-Mister Umbrella Man: A Collection Of Demos 1967-1969 (Wooden Hill)
8. Chris Rainbow-Waves (Vital Spark)
9. Jeff Christie-Outer Limits/Floored Masters-Past Imperfect (Angel Air)
10. The Finkers-Epilogue (Off The Hip)

IV. Top 10 Compilations, Various Artists

1. Thank You Friends: The Ardent Records Story (Big Beat)
2. Treacle Toffee World: Further Adventures Into The Pop Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1967-1969 (RPM)
3. Realistic Patterns-Orchestrated Psychedelia From The U.S.A. (Psychic Circle)
4. Do Waah Diddy-Words And Music By Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry (Ace)
5. Sweet Floral Albion-23 Pop & Psych Gems (Past & Present)
6. Let’s Ride-20 Popsike Excursions From The UK & Europe: Faerytales Can Come True Vol. 3 (Psychic Circle)
7. Titan: It’s All Pop! (Numero Uno)
8. A Day In My Mind’s Mind Vol. 2-Fantasies, Polka Dots & Flowers: 27 Kiwi Psychedelic Trips 1967-72 (EMI)
9. A Day In My Mind’s Mind Vol. 3-Spinning, Spinning, Spinning: 28 Kiwi Psychedelic Trips 1967-72 (EMI)
10. Sing Me A Rainbow-A Trident Anthology 1965-1967 (Big Beat)

V. Top 5 Box Sets: Single Artist

1. The Kinks-Picture Book (Universal)
2. The Move-Anthology 1966-1972 (Salvo)
3. Split Enz-Enz To Enz (Mushroom)
4. The Swinging Blue Jeans-Good Golly, Miss Molly!: The EMI Years 1963-1967 (EMI)
5. Herman’s Hermits & Peter Noone-Into Something Good: The Mickie Most Years 1964-1972 (EMI)

VII. Top 5 Box Sets: Various Artists

1. Motown: The Complete No. 1s (Hip-O Select)
2. The Complete Motown Singles-Vol. 10: 1970 (Hip-O Select)
3. Flower Power: The Music Of The Love Generation (Time Life)
4. The Complete Motown Singles-Vol. 11A: 1971 (Hip-O Select)
5. A&M Records-History 100 (Universal)


burningskyrecords said...

Hey, this is great news! I'm Alan Heaton, founder of Burning Sky Records and the Executive Producer of "Beautiful Escape: The Songs of The Posies Revisited," which was named David Bash's Top Tribute Album of 2008 - woohoo!

I am not ashamed to admit that I love this album - it's one of the best powerpop albums I own. It's wonderful to see it get some recognition - thanks, David!


Anonymous said...

David - after all of the various versions of Odessey & Oracle that have been released, what do you like so much about this latest version? If I already have 3 other copies (Rhino, etc.) is this one worth getting? Thanks for a great list!

Bill Jones

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,

Thank you for your comment! All of the Odessey & Oracle versions are cool in their own way, and most of them would rank very high on my list (in fact, they have, in various years). The thing that's cool about this one is that it's a two disc set with the mono version on disc 1 and the stereo version on disc 2. Plus, disc 1 has cool bonus tracks-usual suspects like "Imagine The Swan" and "Don't Cry For Me", etc..., but cool nonetheless.

The booklet is really cool, too!

I'm a collector (Bill, the fact that you have three copies of O&O leads me to believe that you are, too), so I've bought just about every version of the album. If you already have a version of O&O which has most of the stuff on the 2008 Repertoire release (or if you have the box set, Zombie Heaven), then you probably don't need this. But if you only have a single disc version with no or few bonus tracks, I would highly recommend that you upgrade to this reissue.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments on O&O, David. And good pick on The Royal Purple album - great to see this NJ combo get a bit o' recognition!!!

Be seeing you,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting me on the list David
Richard Snow