Thursday, May 28, 2009

CD of the Day, 5/28/09: The Layaways-The Space Between

For at least a couple of years now, I've been a regular reader of David Harrell's Digital Audio Insider blog. Although he posts somewhat infrequently (I can identify with that), he usually has an interesting take on the state of digital music and how it relates to independent bands. And his take comes from the fact he's a guitarist and lead vocalist for The Layaways, a Chicago indie pop band. Somehow in all this time reading his blog I never managed to listen to his band as it was one of those "I'll get around to it at some point" things. Well, the loss was mine as their latest disc, The Space Between, is about as melodic and hooky as indie pop can get.

If you want some touchstones for their sound, Spoon and Earlimart come to mind, with the former an apparent influence on opening track "Keep it to Yourself", at least in its spare, tough open. But then comes the chorus, and it's bright and melodic as any power pop can aspire to be (it also helps that Harrell and Mike Porter are warmer vocalists than Britt Daniel). "All Around the World" shares its title with an Oasis classic and shares the band's affinity for 60s pop as its jaunty beat and swirling chorus would make The Spongetones proud. The moody "January" recalls Joe Pernice as well as Colin Blunstone, and "Come Back Home" is where the Earlimart comparison comes into play. Another standout is the gentle "Too Little Too Late", a wonderful rainy day song. So don't make my mistake and put this one on layaway - get it on your music player of choice now.

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All Around the World
Keep it to Yourself
Come Back Home


kylelowe said...

Hey, I really like the music that you blog about and I have a band kinda in the same vein of the stuff you review. We just finished an EP and would really like for you to hear it.

How could I get a CD to you? Please email me at !

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
I have some earlier Layaways discs and they especially reminded me of Stereolab, Galaxie 500 and Luna. The lead singers voice particularly sounded to me like that of Dean Wareham.
Good stuff.