Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New LeDrew!

Just got this email from Not Lame:


Over the summer you picked up either(or both) the Brothers In Stereo or Andrew Ledrew's "Ladies Lookout" from Not Lame. Brothers In Stereo is two brothers w/ the last name 'Ledrew" and now Chris has just released his first solo record in Canada and we wanted to let you know about it.

Here's the info:

Chris Ledrew - Stronger Man
Price: $15

2006 solo album from one half of the awesome Canadian jangle-duo Brothers In Stereo, whose album on this site is a `must-hear` without question. Chris and Andrew LeDrew each have their own solo albums(Andrew`s is "Ladies Lookout") and here Chris asserts a confident step into his own brand of jangled up pop, but "Stronger Man" has a more rootsy, un-dappled strain of Laurel Canyon roots-pop. Fans of Michael Carpenter, take note, as well as Tom Petty and Lloyd Cole. The sound of dusty, alt-ish country tinged pop highlighted by gorgeous harmonies, one moment sparse and understated, the next building to a triumphant roar of churning drums and jangled-up guitar. LeDrew blends soothing melodic lines with layers of acoustic and electric guitars strummed urgently, heartfelt lyrics, the just-right-amount of jangle in the guitar and the instinct to know when it might be getting a little too laid

back to kick into a slightly more rocking gear. A refreshing dose of intelligent rock music that does not sound like anything particular but, at the same time, warmly familiar. Very nice cover of Gerry Raferty`s "Right Down The Line". Extremely Highly Recommended!
Regular readers of this site will know that I've become a big fan of the LeDrew brothers, with Andrew's Ladies Lookout my #3 disc of the year so far.

Four tracks from Stronger Man are available for download on his myspace page, and the rest can be sample at CD Baby. On first listen, it sounds like another winner.

You can read about Chris's hard-to-find first solo disc here.

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