Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New and notable at eMusic.

Some interesting additions today.

AM-Troubled Times. This is a re-release of the self-titled debut from AM, which was featured on Not Lame a few weeks back. It's pretty good singer-songwriter stuff, and reminds me quite a bit of Gus Black (who was once known as simply "Gus", whose 2000 album Word of Mouth Parade I highly recommend and which is available for 1 cent - plus shipping - in the Amazon marketplace).

The Blue Van-Dear Independence. These guys have been compared to a modern-day Kinks, and the comparison isn't half-wrong. Mark at The Rock and Roll Report raves about it.

Jason Collett-Idols of Exile. One of the better releases of 2005 that was finally released in the US earlier this year. I've discussed it earlier on this site, and all I can say is that if you have eMu and don't have this one yet, don't waste any more time here reading about it, get it!

It's also fast approaching that time of the year again - new Christmas releases from Aimee Mann and Epic Hero can be found on eMu as well.

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