Tuesday, March 20, 2007

CD of the Day, 3/20/07: The Fizzies-Contest Popularity

LA's The Fizzies are the latest entrant in the high-energy, power-in-your-power-pop sweepstakes, and they deserve a winning ticket (or at least a decent listen) with their disc Contest Popularity. You can draw a straight line from T.Rex to Cheap Trick to Weezer to Rooney in their sound, but they have enough quirks and moments of originality to place their own stamp on things.

On to the songs. "Honey" opens with a rocking punch, while "Rock Kidz" has a glammy sound that either lampoons or observes with affection the band's possible intended demographic. Elsewhere, "In a House" has a Fountains-of-Wayne feel with its pure pop melody and use of proper names; "Love Suicide" channels The Cars, "It's Alright" is power ballad bliss, and "High" reminds me of the Bay City Rollers in the chorus, but its verses are from somewhere else, jazzy and breezy-sounding. Closer "Garbage Generation" has something to say, and could pass for a track off the new Ted Leo disc.

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