Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More on Josh Fields.

For those interested, I've dug up some more information (and music) pertaining to Josh Fields, whose self-titled disc is our #1 favorite of 2007 to date here at Absolute Powerpop.

Some sleuthing (OK, a well-crafted Google search) led to the discovery that Fields was in an early-decade band called March Hares. They can be found at, and there are three songs that can be downloaded. First is an early version of "Clock Keeps Ticking", the outstanding leadoff track on the new CD. It's pretty much the same, except the mix isn't quite as good and it's slightly different towards the end. Another is "Peter Frampton", a 2-minute track about wanting to be the 70s superstar that doesn't do much for me. The third track is "She's a Spaceship", which is really pretty good, and would have been nice to have re-recorded on the new disc to flesh it out a bit (it's only 7 tracks).

Also you may have remembered that in my original post on the disc, I couldn't find a myspace for Fields. Well, that's because he's still using the myspace for March Hares. And four of the tracks from the new disc are streaming there, including "Clock Keeps Ticking" and the equally great "Steal The Air". I also found his listing of record label on the myspace page ("Taiyo Yuden") to be quite amusing.

Oh, and by the way the disc is sold out on CD Baby again.

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