Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New on eMusic 3/13/07

In my third piece in a row today in a desperate bid to make up for a recent lack of posting, I'll note that there have been some great adds to eMu today. In fact, it's not every day that two of my top 100 of 2006 get added in the same day, but today was one of those days.

Most notable was my #22 for 2006, The Hazey Janes' Hotel Radio. As I wrote over a year ago, "The HJ's are at the intersection of my two favorite styles of music: power pop and alt-country. The Jayhawks and Cosmic Rough Riders comparisons are most certainly apt." I never gave the disc a proper review, but my lofty ranking speaks for itself. "Moanin' Face" was an unfortunate omission from my favorite songs of 2006 list.

My #74 popped up as well, The Virtues' Where Were You?. See this post for more on these Swedish janglers (scroll down about halfway), complete with a couple of mp3 downloads.

Finally, had I done like David Bash and compiled a list of top reissues/compilations, Smash Palace's Best of 99-06 would have been near the top of the list, and it should be at the top of yours.

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Anonymous said...

hey there,

love the blog!

just wanted to maybe turn you on to some more little known power pop.....

the possibilities "way out" (parasol)

nutria "cheef/metronome" (fundamental)

the high strung " these are good days" (tee pee)

they're all still going strong (except the possibilities) and have myspace sites etc.!