Thursday, May 10, 2007

CD (EP) of the Day, 5/10/07: Sono Oto-The Apple.

Sono Oto isn't from Japan. In fact, Sono Oto isn't even a person - it's a band from NYC headed by Mark Henry Phillips, and with the Apple EP, he's managed to craft a concept EP about - you guessed it - apples. And when you think of "apple" and pop music, the Beatles immediately spring to mind, which is an appropriate frame of reference as the Apple EP is piano-based pop that's most certainly Beatlesque.

"Granny Smith" (interestingly once the original working title of The Beatles' "Love You To") leads off the disc, and it's flat out catchy-as-hell, kind of like Ben Folds without the snark and with more of an indie-pop orientation. "Empire" is cut from the same cloth (or from the same bunch, I should say), as is "Northern Spy". These three tracks will have your toes tapping. "Malus Domestica". Meanwhile, "Pink Lady" and "Honey Crisp" have a more bluesy, borderline psychedlic sound, and "Malus Domestica" is a straight-out piano ballad.

mp3 of Granny Smith | CD Baby | MySpace

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