Friday, May 04, 2007

Overlooked Gem of the Day: Greg Dean-These Pages, This Story

This one came out in 2005 to little fanfare; had I had this blog when it came out, I definitely would have touted it. As it is, it came up in random play a few minutes ago and I figured I'd give it a plug. Greg Dean has both feet firmly planted in what might be called the "sophisticated adult pop" subgenre of power pop, and the artists that come to mind while listening are David Mead (circa Wherever You Are), Michael Penn, Jon Brion and the other usual suspects.

The overall sound is brooding midtempo, but it's done extremely well. The true standouts are "Living Half Awake" and "This Side of Heaven", but also noteworthy are the two tracks that pick things up a bit, "Honey It's Good" and "Something Better Than This". His myspace doesn't have a lot to offer, so check out the CD Baby link below.

CD Baby

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