Thursday, May 24, 2007

eMusic update.

Three new releases of interest:

Nick Lowe-At My Age. It's been a while since Nick Lowe could really be called "power pop", and his latest effort, appropriately titled, is more of the Nick The Crooner we've heard from this decade. Still worth checking out, though.

Shane Nicholson-Faith and Science. The sophomore effort from the Neil Finn soundalike was #43 on our top 100 discs of last year, and that was as an Australia-only import. Apparently it's now getting a deserved US release, and makes its bow on eMusic so the wait is over for those who wanted to get it reasonably priced.

The Holy Fields-The Holy Fields EP. This one is still on the Not Lame front page (as it hasn't been updated in two weeks now), and I can definitely see it on my year-end EP list. "Straight ahead pop power with tasty melodies and hot energy, sweat, sincerity, and a genuine sense of excitement seem to surround every song here" sez Bruce, and I wholeheartedly agree.

UPDATE (5/25): The Shane Nicholson disc is not showing up now on the site. Not sure what the story is.

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