Tuesday, May 08, 2007

An eMusic bonanza!

eMu subscribers, if you haven't used up your credits for the month yet, you will after today. Several releases of note:

* Steve Bertrand's Pain Is a Megaphone. If the name isn't ringing a bell, perhaps knowing that he was the lead singer of The Tories will. Sounds very good from the samples, although for some reason eMu has it classified under easy listening and jazz.

* New Moon, the 2-CD release of Elliott Smith rarities from the mid-90s.

* Fred's Sound Awake. This actually came out in 2005, but it's being billed as an advance of a May 22 release; I suppose it's being re-released on a label this time around. For those who missed it two years ago, here's what Bruce at Not Lame had to say: "Produced by Jellyfish member, Chris Manning(Roger`s brother), Fred will certainly appeal to many Jellyfish fans. While not all the material easily falls into `sounds just like Jellyfish vibe", there`s a few songs that sound like they walked off of "Bellybutton", in particular "Piscetarrius" and "Sound Awake". There`s a strong sunshine, almost bubblegummy feel of bands like The Association, some Squeeze, Spy Mob, Steely Dan, Wondermints and Raspberries."

* Yet another Robert Pollard release, Silverfish Trivia.

* And a 7-track rarities/demos EP from Jason Collett titled Prodigals.

Download away!

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