Saturday, May 05, 2007

Latest at eMusic.

* The new Superdrag collection of odds and sods, Changin' Tires on the Road to Ruin.

* The latest from Spanish American power poppers Mas Rapido, Pity Party.

* And a couple from the Kelly's Heels catalog, Gone Off Pop and Bent Over Backwards.


Anonymous said...

Mas Rapido is the former Cowboy & Spingirl/Toothpaste and they're American.

As with everything they've ever done, in my opinion, this is half a good album . Donna Esposito's vocals, despite what Stewart Mason says in his AMG review, are monotonous. Typical dull, twee and consistent. Blech! Frank Bednash's songs are far better and almost worth the price. I would not pay full price for any of they're albums and there are far better power pop options available. The band simply is not that good.

Anonymous said...

Also, on a Kelly's Heels note, his previous band's album (Ashes-"Smashed") is also on eMu. Highly recommended