Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Absolute Powerpop Top 100 125 Discs of 2007, #76-100

76. The Ditchflowers-Carried Away
77. Maple Mars-Beautiful Mess
78. John Hoskinson-Pancho Fantastico
79. Ed James-In The 21st Century
80. David Brookings-Obsessed
81. Adam Miner-Playing House
82. Collective Soul-Afterwords
83. The Morning Line-Stay My Satellite
84. Morten Richter-Message From The Slum
85. Holmes-Stop Go
86. The Tangerines-The Tangerines
87. Storyhill-Storyhill
88. John P. Strohm-Everyday Life
89. Rich McCulley-Cerro Gordo
90. John Krueger-Later
91. Michael Slawter-An Assassination of Someone You Knew
92. Souther Still-Dizziness and Darkness
93. Devlin Murphy-My First
94. Danny Scherr-Richmond Special
95. Jeff Murphy-Cantilever
96. Okkervil River-The Stage Names
97. America-Here and Now
98. Marmalade Souls-In Stereo
99. The Silver Seas-High Society
100. Crowded House-Time on Earth


Larry Koestler said...

Wow, surprised to see a handful of reasonably strong albums being ranked between 75 and 100, although not as surprised to see Bryan Scary ranked so low yesterday.

Can't wait to see the stuff that you REALLY loved this year.

Also, how on earth do you have time to listen to 125+ albums in a year? It's spectacular for the rest of us that you're able to, but that is pretty damn impressive.

Steve said...

It's funny you mention being able to listen to 125+ albums a year, because I was just talking to someone today about how many albums I actually do listen to in a year. I estimate it to be 500-600, and when I say "listen", I mean I hear each track on the average of 4-5 times. And these are 500-600 albums I like for the most part, in that they get onto to my iPod. Essentially, I have 70-80 discs on the iPod at once that I listen to randomly, and they usually "scroll off" within 6-8 weeks. Moreover, I probably evaluate 2-3 discs for every one that makes it to the iPod through cursory listens on CD Baby or elsewhere.

As to where the times comes from, I'm fortunate enough to have a job that keeps me in an office most of the day where I can play the iPod, and I try to listen to music wherever and whenever I can, even just to squeeze in a couple of more songs. I end up hearing about an average of 100 songs/day. This couldn't be done without the iPod of course.

Larry Koestler said...

Well all I can say is once again my hat's off to you - without you and PowerPopaholic I have no idea where I'd go for my daily power pop fix.