Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Shopping on Amie Street (updated).

Many of you may be familiar with the digital download store Amie Street, but I'd bet even more of you aren't. What sets Amie Street apart from other music e-tailers such as iTunes, eMusic, Amazon & the like is that it employs a demand-based pricing structure. When an album first appears on Amie Street, the price is either nominal ($1-2) or free. As more people purchase (or download) a song or album, the price goes up. They usually offer 320kbps DRM-free mp3s, although some older titles have lower bitrates.

What follows is a list of free and $2.50-or-less albums that have been recent favorites on the site. Happy hunting!

Prices at the time of posting:

FREE These discs are no longer free, but are still bargains in the $1-2 range (except for Pope, but still cheaper than elsewhere at $3.68):

Greg Pope-Popmonster (our top album of 2008)
The Well Wishers-Twenty-Four Seven
Jeff Bruckner-Take Me to the West Coast
Hello from Reno-S/T
BrownLine Fiasco-Superstar
Craig Marshall-Point of View
Fawkes-Curiosity and Consequence
The Humming Field-S/T
Cameron Dobb-The Ride
The Offramps-Split the Difference
Gordon Weiss-Sum of Its Parts

David Dewese-Make the Best of It

Derby-Derby EP

Frank Ciampi-Big Top Woman

The Galaxies-Here We Go!

The Jellybricks-Goodnight to Everyone
Allen Devine-POPortunity
Stratocruiser-Egg Shells

Kai Reiner-S/T

Codaphonic-The Ballad of Codaphonic

Derby-This is the New You (AbPow top album of 2005)
The Goldbergs-Under the Radar

The Offbeat-S/T

Michael Behm-Saving America

The Lackloves-Cathedral Sqaure Park

Cliff Hillis-The Long Now

Mike Viola-Lurch


Anonymous said...

here's an extra bonus - use for $5 credit.

Anonymous said...

Great list and thanks for giving us a shout out! Check this link for all the latest Power Pop releases

Nels (nels -at-

P.S. The above url is no longer valid.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Amiestreet list BUT it should be emphasized that ALMOST ALL the digital records listed are NOT available outside the USA. It is OUTRAGEOUS and UNFAIR to listeners from all over the world.
The following record IS available and it is the BEST DISCOVERY I have ever made thanks to amiestreet: